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Pre-digested and ultra-filtered whey protein.
Time Release Proteins


Complete Whey by Cytosport is a product based on pre-digested and ultra-filtered whey protein with ionic exchange and enriched with BCAA´s.

To obtain Complete Whey protein a slow process has been used to thereby preserve the properties of the protein. With each serving, Complete Whey provides with what you need to cover your protein requirements, also supplying you with a large quantity of 9 essential amino acids.

Characteristics of Complete Whey:

  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels, thereby regulating energy.
  • Reduces fat levels, converting superficial fat into energy due to the insulin.
  • Complete Whey helps repair muscle thanks to its anti-catabolic effect.
  • Complete Whey is ideal for maintaining a good state of health, thanks to providing the ideal amount of proteins, stimulating the hormones and thereby helping the immune system.
  • It dissolves instantly and is absorbed quickly.
  • Complete Whey has an unbeatable flavour.

Complete Whey by Cytosport is enriched with glutamine, branched chain amino acids (BCAA´s) cysteine, minerals, lactalbumin and lactoferrin. With the minimal quantities of lactose and fat.

Complete Whey is also rich in nutrients that raise glutathione levels (the body’s main antioxidant) and improve the capacity of the immune system to fight against both the internal as well as the external aggressions the body may become exposed to.

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