Carb and fat blockers are specially recommended to lose weight. Most of them are commercialised in capsules or tablets. They prevent the metabolism from absorbing and syntheisising fat molecules contained in food.

Fat and carbohydrates are the elements with the highest amount of calories provided to the organism. In fact, one gram of fat corresponds to 9 kcal, while one gram of carbs is 4 kcal. Therefore, eating foods in excess with a higher amounf of fat of carbs can make anybody gain weight very fast. In this regard, it has been proven that carb and fat blockers prevent up to 25% of calories absorption. 

For effective results, they must be taken before every meal. What's more, since all the products we offer on HSNstore are totally natural, consumption is not a risk factor. Do not confuse with fat burners, as these eliminate fat that is already accumulated in the body.

These products are perfect when someone's starting a diet and want to lose weight fast. However, they are not recommended for athletes, because the non-assimilation of carbohydrates leaves the body without glucose, which will create an energy deficiency and the althlete will not perform successfully.

The only one side effect of these blockers is gas in the digestive tract. When fat and carbohydrates are blocked, they are accumulated and fermented in the stomach and intestine, increasing gases. On the other hand, there is a high risk of a rebound effect if after finishing taking them, nutritional habits and healthy lifestyle are not maintained, as the organism no longer has that little help to get rid of extra fat.