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Syntha-6 from BSN is a product made up of 6 different types of proteins, each of them with its own speed of assimilation, ensuring amino acid levels remain constant and thereby optimizing the anabolic state.

Syntha-6 consists of a mix of concentrated, ultra-filtered whey protein, beta and alpha micellar casein, micro-filtered whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate, egg albumen and milk protein concentrate. Syntha-6 is very low in lactose and carbohydrates, and is therefore an ideal sports nutrition supplement for all those on a protein maintenance diet, with barely any carbohydrates or calories.

Syntha-6 has the following characteristics:

  • It releases amino acids in a controlled manner over 7 hours!
  • It has been enriched with bioactive enzymes to favour digestion.
  • Glutamine Peptides, EFA and MCT have been added to it, which stimulate clean muscle gain, fat loss and stimulate energy.
  • Syntha-6 minimizes glucose lows and the lack of energy between meals.
  • Syntha-6 is enriched with BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Syntha-6 is very low in carbohydrates and fats, and is therefore an ideal product for those on a diet.
  • Syntha-6 is very low in Lactose.
  • Syntha-6 contains 0% of saturated fat.
  • And contains no Aspartame or Acesulfame K.

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