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BLOX - 150g

BLOX - 150g


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New silk amino acids product
EAA's and Hydrolysates


  • 5g of concentrated amino acids per serving.
  • Builds new muscle mass.
  • Accelerates recovery.
  • Increases resistance.

BLOX from BPI Sports is a silk amino acids supplement (AEA). What are silk amino acids? This new sequence of amino acids with interesting properties have been recently discovered by a cutting edge scientific team. SAA (silk amino acids) is a chain of 18 amino acids.

Recent studies have shown that, in the precise proportion and sequence, these 18 amino acids provide very useful pro-anabolic benefits. SAAs represent a new concept in sports nutrition. SAAs help cause muscle growth, building and improve sporting performance.

Even though these amino acids have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, it is only now that science has concentrated on studying their benefits. These polypeptides promote the natural production of testosterone and contribute to maintaining healthy levels of cortisol. It has even been suggested that SAAs have antioxidant properties.

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