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HYPER MASS 5000 - 5Kg

HYPER MASS 5000 - 5Kg

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Fat-free mass gainer. Enriched with creatine.
Mass Gainers

HYPER MASS 5000 - 5Kg is recommended for the following sports:

  • Strength Sports
  • Power Sports


Biotech USA Hyper Mass 5000 is a basic product for lean muscle mass gain. It's the perfect solution, for athletes just starting out who would like to supplement their daily diet with added calories and proteins to rapidly increase lean muscle mass. Precisely engineered with 6.5 g of pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate, Hyper Mass 5000 increases strength and pushes cell volume to the max.

Hyper Mass 5000 is the only zero fat gainer. This formula contains 25% of protein and 63% of carbohydrates and 0% of fat. Su fórmula se compone por un 25% de proteínas, un 63% de hidratos de carbono y cero grasa, which ensures the necessary nutrients to gain fat-free muscle mass. Hyper Mass is rich in leucine and other brached-chain amino-acids (BCAA) that favour the anabolic effect in muscle cells.

Hyper Mass helps stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth. It also has complex carbs for a longuer absorption, supplying long-term energy.

Hyper Mass 5000 is easy to prepare. It can be much easier to drink a delicious and creamy shake to pump up your calorie intake than to eat adequate amounts of food.

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