EVOBAR Brownie

Pack Better Recovery

Range of products meant to optimize recovery processes after workouts.

Purpose of the Pack

The "Better Recovery" Packs are intended to provide the sportsperson or athlete with the necessary elements to ensure their correct recovery after exercise, a competition or any other activity of physical relevance.

Each pack is integrated by the products that possess the greatest recovery capacity:

  • Proteins and/or amino acids
  • Fast absorption carbohydrates

Depending on the type of activity that is being carried out, we can acquire a pack that also incorporates mineral salts and electrolytes, if the physical activity is resistive and of a long duration, or, another option that includes creatine, if the activity has a defined nature that requires power and strength.

In this way, we seek to recharge the energy reserves as well as providing the necessary nutrients for the regeneration and construction of muscle fibers.

The recovery process is vital to successfully assimilate the workouts and not to negatively affect the performance, in addition to enabling us to be 100% available for the next session.