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High quality micro-filtered protein with excellent flavour and easy to mix. Great supply of protein to help with recovery and growth.
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  • 22g of high quality, micro-filtered and quickly digested protein
  • Helps muscle recovery and growth
  • Exquisite flavour, easy solubility, gluten-free

Arnold Iron Whey from Muscle Pharm is a formula of high quality proteins that provides large quantities of amino acids, to respond to the daily demands of people who train. However, regardless of age or level of physical activity, whey protein is essential in every diet, given that it is the catalysing element in the synthesis of proteins and in muscle growth.

Arnold Iron Whey is a top level protein which will serve as fuel for your muscles, cutting recovery time and maximising muscle growth. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself supervised the creation of this protein, bringing his experience to the process. This protein is noteworthy due to its action to improve and maintain the balance of nitrogen, given that the micro-filtration process promotes better absorption, and subsequent emptying of amino acids into the blood flow to be transported to the muscle fibre. An anabolic environment is thereby created, in which the synthesis of proteins can take place.

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