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Creatine Nitrate. Exclusive formula from the Arnold Schwarzenegger series.
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  • More strength and power
  • Improve your recovery
  • Promotes growth of muscle mass
  • Quick absorption, with no loading phase
  • More intense training sessions for longer periods of time
  • Uses creatine nitrate, the creatine currently fashionable in the USA

Arnold Iron CRE3™ by MusclePharm is a dietary supplement based on creatine nitrate that belongs to the exclusive range of products by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Con Arnold Iron CRE3™ you will increase your strength, power and improve your recovery, while also notably increasing your muscle mass.

This formula is more powerful than any other form of creatine known to-date, as it is the first molecularly modified creatine the assimilation of which in the organism takes place almost instantly and does not require a loading phase.

Lower dose, more results

The dose of creatine nitrate is 10 times smaller than that required with conventional creatine monohydrate. With this type of creatine you can notably increase your levels of intramuscular creatine, which help muscle growth without your muscles becoming swollen.

This form of creatine has been developed with ION-3 nitrate technology, resulting in a special creatine created by blending highly soluble nitric acid and creatine.

Thanks to the addition of nitric acid, this unprecedented formula improves the effectiveness of the creatine molecules, ensuring a better input of creatine within the muscles.

Creatine nitrate also stimulates the levels of nitric oxide and ATP levels. Nitrate opens up the muscle's plasma pathways which will ensure a greater supply of nutrients to the muscles and improve their performance, which in turn will produce greater gains in terms of strength and muscle mass.

You can now see yourself with a new toned and vascularised appearance with the greatest muscle pumps seen to-date. YOur muscles will be super-saturated with creatine and remain congested for several hours.

Increase the intensity of your training sessions repetition by repetition, series by series, increasing muscle size and achieving greater strength and power.

Remove the limits on your workouts with Iron CRE3™!

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Suplemento necesario 100%

Creatina de gran calidad siendo Nitrato de creatina. El sabor está muy logrado y su calidad es efectiva.

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