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Promotes liver health.
Liver Health Support


  • Contributes to liver health
  • Promotes correct digestive function
  • Helps to detoxify organism
  • Enriched with probiotics (LactoSpore™) that boost intestinal flora

What is HepaCor® Protector?

HepaCor® Protector by AmixPro is a nutritional supplement made to promote hepatic health via the highest quality ingredients, among which we can find Acetyl L-Carnitine, Milk Thistle, Lactic Acid Bacteria (BAL) LactoSpore™ (Bacillus coagulans) and B vitamins.

What are the properties of HepaCor® Protector?

Protecting our liver is essential, since it is an organ that performs multiple important functions and that, to a great extent, allows us to enjoy a good health (digestive function,blood purifier eliminating toxins, synthesises enzymes, proteins and glucose, etc). There are many factors that can damage it: inadequate diet, abuse of alcohol, certain medications, high levels of stress, exposure, handling or ingesting toxic chemical products, etc….

HepaCor® Protector from Amix is a product that has been especially designed to promote the correct functioning of the liver function, and thus enhance our general health. It contains ingredients like Acetyl-l-carnitine, a substance that helps metabolize fatty acids and mobilize them to the cellular mitochondria for its use as an energy source. It has a positive effect on people with 'fatty liver', as shown by several studies.

Silymarin (Silybum marianum) is a substance found in the Milk thistle plant and has a powerful antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect. It helps to regenerate this important organ. The formula has also been enriched with LactoSpore™ (Lactobacillus sporogenes, Bacillus coagulans) a probiotic ingredient that favors the growth and maintenance of intestinal flora.

HepaCor also contains Phosphatidylserine (enriched soy lecithin), a phospholipid that promotes cardiovascular health and helps regulate high cholesterol levels. This substance also provides elasticity to cell membranes and protects them from the harmful effects of free radicals.

It contains vitamin B6 that plays a role in cysteine ??synthesis, energy metabolism, nervous system functioning, homocysteine ??metabolism, protein and glycogen metabolism, in the psychological function, in the synthesis of red blood cells, in the function of the immune system. It also helps to mitigate fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin B3 promotes correct psychological function. Intervenes in the metabolism of energy and promotes the proper functioning of the nervous system. Helps fight tiredness and fatigue.

Who can benefit from HepaCor® Protector?

  • Anyone looking to take care of their liver and digestive health through a natural product.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts HEPACOR PROTECTOR - 30 caps

per servingDaily dose
Information HEPACOR PROTECTOR - 30 caps
Serving size: 2 cápsulas
Servings per container:
Amount per servingNRV*
Milk Thistle (> 80% silymarin)400mg++
Probiotics (Lactospore®)1500000000 esp.++
Fosfatidilserina Lecitina de soja enriquecida (50% Fosfatidilserina)100mg++
Niacin (nicotinamide)6,5mg40,6%
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)3,2mg228,6%
NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) establecidos en el Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011 de 25 de octubre de 2011. †† Los NRV en esta ocasión no están establecidos.
Ingredients: Acetyl-L-carnitine, Milk thistle (silybum marianum, seeds), gelatin capsule (pure gelatine of bovine origin, water, colorant: titanium dioxide), LactoSpore™ (Bacillus coagulans, maltodextrin), emulsifier (soy lecithin), anti-caking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), phosphatidylserine 50% (enriched soy lecithin), anti-caking agents (magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide), nicotinamide (niacin), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit B6).


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules with 200ml of water during one of the main meals.
Warnings: Before starting any nutritional and workout plan, consult your doctor. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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