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LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 - 450g

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LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 - 450g


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Ultra-concentrated, anabolic, pre-training formula. Contains NOP-47, Caffeine, HMB, HICA, Kre-Alkalyn and Beta-Alanine, amongst other ingredients.


  • Promotes muscle mass growth
  • Improved vasodilation
  • Maximises supply of nutrients to the muscles
  • Increases energy and performance
  • Improves muscle recovery

Leu-HICA with NOP.47 from Amix is a revolutionary supplement, essential for pre-training nutrition. It spectacularly increases vasodilation, driving more intense training sessions, improving recovery and helping increase muscle volume. Leu-HICA stimulates the body's production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts immediately as a vasodilator as it relaxes the blood vessels leading to the muscles.

This allows increased blood flow, providing the muscles with the oxygen and fuel they need to complete strenuous activity. Leu-HICA can help increase strength, due to improved blood flow, and increases levels of anabolic hormones.

Main comments:

  • Leu-HICA contains NOP 47™, an isolated whey protein fraction which has been clinically proven to increase levels of nitric oxide (NO), which in turn increases blood flow and the supply of nutrients to the muscles. NOP 47™ is a revolutionary ingredient extracted using a cutting edge technology of separation by division. Increased blood flow can reduce recovery times, improves endurance and glucose uptake during physical exertion and cardio training. A temporary benefit of a nitric oxide supplement is that the muscles noticeably increase in size a short time after training.
  • HICA (alph-hydroxy-isocaproic acid) HICA is a metabolite from the amino acid leucine and is well known for its ability to help increase muscle gain, promote muscle recovery and reduce muscle inflammation. HICA stimulates the synthesis and reduces breakdown of protein.
  • HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is a compound produced by the body from the amino acid L-leucine, which can help promote muscle mass and increase endurance. It is also an anabolic and anti-catabolic ingredient, which works very well for maximising muscle growth and increasing strength during periods of intense training. It also reduces the loss of muscle mass, allowing more fat burning and optimising all recovery processes.
  • Leu-HICA™ with NOP 47™ from Amix is also enriched with Palatinose, a carbohydrate with a low glycaemic index, which provides prolonged energy .
  • Provides a Dual Action Matrix which combines Kre-Alkalyn®, a patented creatine with a higher PH level than creatine monohydrate ,and Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®).
  • Provides the optimum dose of Tri-Creatine Citrate which are three creatine molecules bonded with one citrate molecule and an assimilation rate of almost 90%. Also contains caffeine, a nerve stimulant which provides energy and mental focus.
  • Includes Cinnulin PF® which, apart from being an extraordinary antioxidant, helps control blood sugar levels and maintain healthy levels of cholesterol.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 450g LIME-YOGURT

Information LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 450g LIME-YOGURT
Serving size: 3 scoop (18g)
Daily dose: 25
Servings per container: 25
Amount per servingNRV*
of fats13,5++
of which sugars<3,2g++
Amino Leu-HICA™ Matrix11225mg++
Kre-Alkalyn®-Beta-Alanine (Carnosyn®))5500mg++
Palatinose® (Isomaltulose)3000mg++
Tri-Creatine Citrate1000mg++
HMB (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate)1000mg++
HICA (alpha hydroxy isocaproic acid)500mg++
Caffeine Anhydrous200mg++
Cinnulin PF® (Aqueous Cinnamon Extract)25mg++
NOP.47™ - Hydrolyzed Whey Protein5000mg++
NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) establecidos en el Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011 de 25 de octubre de 2011. †† Los NRV en esta ocasión no están establecidos.
Other ingredients: Citric acid, flavour, malic acid, sodium carbonate, lecithin soya, sucralose (Splenda®), Acesulfame K, colourant, silicon dioxide.

How to take LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 - 450g:

Mix 3 spoonfuls (18g) with 200-300ml of water and take the mixture 30-60 minutes before training.
Warnings: This product contains active ingredients that may modify the absorption and effect of drugs; consult your doctor before taking it. Only for healthy adults. Consumption of this product is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In order to avoid insomnia, do not take before going to sleep. People sensitive to stimulants must first verify tolerance by taking half dose. Beta-alanine may cause a crawling sensation similar to the symptoms of niacin overdose. This should not be a cause for alarm, it's harmless and decreases within time. Food supplements must not become an alternative to a balance diet and healthy living. Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. Keep in a cool and dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Amino Acid Profile LEU-HICA W/NOP.47 450g LIME-YOGURT

Amino Acids Profilex100g
Ácido L-aspártico5460mg


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