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100% pure Beta-Alanine 100% pure, improves your performance, increasing strength and endurance.
Isolated Amino Acids


Beta-Alanine from AllMax Nutrition is an essential supplement that any athlete seeking greater performance needs to take. Beta-Alanine from AllMax Nutrition is the latest product to be added to the ALLMAX Premium Essentials product line, produced for extreme athletes.

Power and strength are everything. This product range seeks to provide the best service, leading to improved results, as demanded by professionals. Studies undertaken have shown the potential of this element as a mechanism for interaction in increased Carnosine deposits. Once we have taken the amino acid beta-alanine, this becomes stored in our body and converts into Carnosine molecules, the mission of which is to avoid a descent of intramuscle pH. When exercising at high intensity, such as a demanding series of bench-pressing or sit-ups, lactic acid builds up as muscle waste by-product.

This causes the muscle to begin to feel increasingly tired, obliging you to stop the exercise. Beta-Alanine from AllMax Nutrition comes to the rescue in this scenario, enabling you to increase the number of repetitions, given that it forces the lactic acid to be reused and once again form part of the energetic process. On the other hand, the intake of beta-alanine promotes the stimulation of nitric oxide (NO), ensuring greater oxygenation and supply of nutrients to the cell.

Beta-Alanine from AllMax Nutrition presents composition of a high pharmaceutical degree, nourishing the muscles with utmost safety and reliability. A higher number of repetitions at greater intensity results in greater growth. As a complementary but very advisable option, it is recommended to use beta-alanine in conjunction with creatine, with one impressively boosting the other. For greater emphasis of this proposition, you can analyse this article. By way of recommendation of the other ALLMAX Nutrition product, Creatine.

AllMax has acquired the highest pharmaceutical grade source called Beta-SYNTHTM. An 11-phase process is carried out to produce this whitish crystalline substance. Beta-SYNTHTM undergoes a micro-filtration process that provides a form of easy to assimilate beta-alanine, exclusive to this brand.

Beta-SYNTHTM has been laboratory tested in an analysis of maximum purity. You will feel the purity! By way of warning we would mention that upon first taking it you may experience a stinging sensation in certain areas of the body as a result of its ingestion. This effect can be mitigated by distributing the dose throughout the day.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts BETA-ALANINE - 400g

Information BETA-ALANINE - 400g
Serving's size: 1 dose (3,2g)
Servings: 125
Amount per serving

How to take BETA-ALANINE - 400g //OFF:

The size of each serving is 3,2g. Take a small teaspoon (3,2g) twice a day dissolved in juice, water or your favourite drink. Do not add other products that already contain beta-alanine. When you become accustomed to the product you can increase the serving to 2 teaspoons (6,4g). Do not exceed 4 servings in 24h.
Warnings: La beta-alaninapuó causare una sensazione di formicolio simile ai sintomi causati da una overdose di niacina. Questo non debe allarmare, è inoffensivo e diminuisce con il passare tempo. Gli integratori alimentari non devono utilizzarsi come sostituti di una dieta equilibrata e varia e uno stile di vita sano. Non superare le dosi consigliate. Mantenere in un luogo fresco ed asciutto, fuori dalla portata dei bambini.


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